The NVIDIA 8800 Ultra On Of The Fastest Video Card of 2007!

Hey everyone we’ll be taking a look at the fastest card of 2007 the NVIDIA 8800 Ultra released in May of 2007.

The ultra was poised to counter 80 is our 600 launch the primary purpose of the ultra was to secure the GPU crown for Nvidia which it did successfully for the remainder of the year its other purpose was to promote high profit margins.

As it was one of the most expensive consumer graphics cards coming in at a whopping 830 US dollars price wise you could even call it the og Titan but unlike the Titan the 8 800 ultra is mostly just an overclocked 1800 GTX.

There were some slight revisions made to the silicon and it did use faster Samsung memory but it really didn’t offer much performance over an overclocked 80 ton her GTX.

However with these revisions higher frequencies were obtainable most ultras overclocked the speeds that most GT X’s could only dream about along with these aforementioned improvements.

Nvidia also crafted a new look to its cooler it was practically the same as the 8800 GTX but the fan was moved up to add some of that sexy bump you see here I will say once most GPU enthusiasts see this iconic bump they know exactly what card it is the sample.

Benchmarking Games

So let’s take a look at overclocking to do this I fired up MSI’s afterburner to see what I could squeeze out of this old champ I was able to increase the core from 612 megahertz to 702 megahertz that’s nearly a 15 improvement.

Looking at the memory we went from 1080 megahertz to 1134 megahertz which is a five percent improvement and while not shown here the shader clock was also overclocked it went from 1512 megahertz to 17 28 megahertz.

We recently lined up the 8800 GT x and the 2900 XT it was only natural to include the results as well we will be primarily comparing the ultra against the GTX to really see how it stacks up against its little brother and with our testing we chose 10 games with release dates ranging from 2007 to 2013.

Alright well with that out of the way let’s jump straight into the benchmarks the first game up is Far Cry 3 and here we use the medium preset at 720p the Ultra average 60 frames per second which is 9% ahead of the stock clock GTX comparing overclocked results we can see the ultra increased its lead to 11% frame times.

All the cards tested were excellent and we can see this title heavily favors in video cards GTA 5 is always on our short list of games to benchmark here we’re using the normal quality settings throughout with 16x AF the ultra averaged 56 frames per second which puts it ahead of the GTX by 7% comparing overclocked results.

We can see the ultra has a 12% lead over the overclocked gtx frame times were solid for the green team but the 2900 xt really held its own and average frame rates next up is a 2013 version of Tomb Raider here we use the normal preset at 720p the ultra pushed out 80 frames per second on average.

That’s about an 8% increase over the GTX looking at our overclocked results we can see the ultra took 11 percent lead over the overclocked GTX this is another game where the green team shines as the ultra is 73% faster than the stock XT now on to the racing game in our test suite dirt 3.

We are using the medium preset at 1080p the ultra average 61 frames per second which is only 5% faster than the GTX and then moving on to our overclocked results the ultra maintains that lead but only by 7% seems this game doesn’t respond very well to overclocking on any of the cards tested but on a positive note frame times were excellent throughout.

Let’s take a look at Metro last light Redux and here we using the medium quality settings at 720p the ultra average 47 frames per second which is only 4% faster than the stock GTX and then comparing the overclocked results we can see the ultras lead increased in 8% again this game doesn’t seem to respond very well to overclocking but at least the frame times were.

Solid throughout since Witcher 3 isn’t an option we tested the witcher 2 and here we’re using the medium spec preset at 720p the ultra came in at 41 frames per second which is about 10 percent faster than the stock gtx this is one of the few games in which the stock clock ultra was able to beat out the overclocked gtx.

But as you can see it wasn’t by much comparing overclocked results the ultra was faster by 12% but you can see none of the cards here could really tackle this game very well the super popular csgo is up next and here we’re testing the inferno map with medium settings at 1080p the ultra mustard 46 frames per second on average which happens to be identical to the gtx results overclocked.

We saw a gain of 1 FPS which is about 2% well within the margin of error it seems in this game the ultra couldn’t maintain its lead over the gtx but frame times were fine on all the cards tested now i want to test the amazing stalker call appropiate here we’re testing the game at 1080p with a medium preset along with DX 10 enabled the ultra spit out 64 frames per second which is only a 6% lead over the GTX.

Comparing overclocked results the ultra ended up being 9 percent faster than the GTX the ATI card had a tough time with this game but hopefully the HD 3870 fares a bit better when we throw it into our comparison down the road now I want to test one of the newer games in our suite BioShock Infinite here we using the medium preset at 720p we saw 56 frames per second on average with the Ultra which was only 5% faster than the GTX.

The Witcher 2 to get our GPUs to the max temperature the 8800 ultra topped out at 85 degrees Celsius with the fan speed left on auto with this setting the fan stabilized at 70% now let’s take a look at the overclocked result.

We max out the fan at 100% and the Ultra topped out at 82 C looking at the ultra and the GTX there isn’t a huge difference comparing stock clocks and the auto fan speed now overclocked in the ultra you can see it’s at its limit of what the stock heatsink can really handle I will say with both these cards at 100% fan speed they’re really not loud at all especially compared to some of the newer cards today.

Next let’s take a look at power consumption again we use the witcher 2 to put a load on our GPU and the entire system here we can see the stock ultra pulling 242 watts at the wall and overclocked it rose 7% to 259 now comparing the stock numbers we can see the ultra pulls 11% more power versus the gtx that’s pretty much.

With the HD 2900 xt stock and overclocked again these numbers are out the wall so they don’t account for PSU efficiency so moving into our conclusion we can see the ultra is only 6 percent faster than our stock 8800 GT x.

If we compare overclock results it’s almost 9 percent faster than the overclocked GTX now these numbers are pretty much in line with what a lot of reviewers were seeing back in 2007 so pretty much none of them made a recommendation to buy the ultra 230 u.s. dollars over the asking price of 80.

GTX was a lot considering you’re seeing less than a 10 percent performance game that being said the ultra is still popular among enthusiasts and with the Volt mod and slapping on a water block some of these cards could really scream which pretty much made them a really fun card to overclock.

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